Backpacking Survival Gear – An Ice Axe

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Backpacking Survival Gear – An Ice Axe

It is usual for first spring and summer travelers to encounter large snow fields on the way, especially at higher regions. Even if you do not planning winter backpacking expedition, you may still have to deal with crossing snow fields on a road. However, it is important to cross snow carefully; it will mean the difference between having an effective trip and either jeopardizing an awful fall and sudden injury.
Hidden danger – Sudden fall
In such situations, it is crucial to consider all possible options, what you would do if you slip? In such surprising weather circumstance, tracking pools may help you keeping balance, but they are not intended to stop you from sliding if you slip and fall.


Use them for steadiness on flat ground, but you should bring an ice axe if you might face a hazardous slide. The problems may occur, especially if you are not confident in yourself, therefore always take an ice axe when crossing snowy hills and mountains.
An Ice Axe – Practical Use

An Ice Axe is a universal tool, but mainly it is designed to prevent a sudden fall. When you are holding an ice axe on a slope, always carry axe up with the pick of the axe facing backward. It is an imperative skill, and it is desirable to take a snow skiing course where you can exercise your ice axe usage in an adequate learning atmosphere.

Dropping an ice axe may be catastrophic; therefore, a rock-hard grip is very significant part of your gear. It is also very essential to have a decent grip and to place yourself in the correct position you need to bring an ice axe to your chest, going crosswise your body with a right hand on the top of an axe and left hand on the base.

If you slip down the slope, it is imperative to place safe in the correct position and stop yourself from moving as soon as possible.

Hold Your Feet Up!
In a case of a sudden fall, retain your feet up until you slow your slide significantly. If you try to stop quickly, you might find yourself in a hazardous situation. It is particularly important if you ran traction devices or crampons on your feet, as such sudden stoppage that can cause grave lag injuries.

That is why it is essential to get into correct posture position from the variety of diverse positions, from any sliding position; the central goal is to rearrange your movement to the simple correct posture as quickly as possible.

Falling down with your feet facing downhill will make it fairly easy to stop, but in a real slip, your body may be in any position while you are falling down. Therefore, it is important to practice proper sliding technique.
It is always better to be skillful and trained in ice axe technique, self-assured and safe then to take pointless perils that could put you or your group in unnecessary threat.

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