What To Look For In A Top Rated Tactical Backpack

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Tactical backpacks are great for travel, hunting, sports, and even just everyday use. While a lot of tactical backpacks are advertised as being available in camo, it’s important to remember that you can usually purchase them in dark green or black as well.

Fast Access to Everything You Need

all-purpose backpackA top rated tactical backpack is going to be an all-purpose backpack that has a lot to offer people for general use. They usually come with a single shoulder strap, so you can easily ‘swing’ the pack in front of yourself while you’re wearing it so that you can easily access the items stored in the pack.

Easy to Expand Storage

Another thing that the best backpacks offer is the ability to attach them to other packs so that you can clip smaller bags or satchels to them. You can often get them with a heavy-duty internal frame, which will make them far more comfortable when you are carrying heavy loads.

Multiple Uses

Some heavy-duty packs, especially medium-sized ones that are intended to be 3-day packs for tactical use, will have a bladder pocket that you can use as a laptop pouch when you’re using the bag as an EDC. They will have other pouches that could be used for handguns, or just for general storage, and they’ll have a hydration bladder – perfect for long distance runners.

Choosing a Bag

Picking out a bagPicking out a bag will never be easy. A part of the decision-making process will involve deciding whether you’re buying a bug-out bag, a bag for travel, an EDC, or something that you would use for camping and survival situations.

Depending on the intended use of the bag, things like space, waterproofing, ruggedness and comfort will come in different spots on your priority list. Organization, for example, will be incredibly important for people who carry a lot of items that they will need easy access to (e.g. climbers), and for business travelers or backpackers too. The occasional traveler might not care if they just pack everything up into one central compartment, but those who need some items ‘right now’, and others when they make camp will appreciate more flexibility.

Comfort will matter more for someone that is going to be carrying their bag on their back all day, every day. Most people will find that a standard tactical backpack will be ‘comfortable’ with about 45lbs in it, but they can hold as much as 60 – but if you’re going to be carrying that much it’s important that you get a bag with good waist straps, nice shoulder straps, and a sturdy frame took.

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Price and Build Quality

A good tactical backpack is not an inexpensive item. When you’re spending that much, you will want to know that the backpack can withstand the abuse you will give it. A good choice is a backpack that is made of 1000D water-resistant nylon fabric with double stitching on the seams, strong zippers, and cover flaps to prevent rain from seeping in. The best backpacks will have compartments in them that will keep the items you’re storing separated, and that will have zips themselves, as well as strong stitching so that they don’t tear or come loose. The zips are usually the first things to go on backpacks, so pay close attention to them – especially if you’re spending a lot of money.

Try the Pack in Person

It’s a very good idea to visit a camping store and try the backpack on in person if you can. Load it up with a lot of items, and make sure that it’s comfortable. Inspect the zippers and the stitching, and make sure you’re completely happy with the pack. If it isn’t comfortable, try another one. Buying a bag sight unseen is rarely a good idea. It will usually lead to you being disappointed because the fit, comfort, size or quality may not be what you expected. It doesn’t take long to test a bag, and feel for yourself whether it’s something you’d be able to wear for a long time without it putting stress on your shoulders or strain on your lower back.

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Tactical Gear – Backpacking Blades

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Tactical Gear – Backpacking Blades

In the unpredictable wilderness a reliable knife is a very important tool and knowing how to use it correctly sometimes can make a dramatic change in your travel. There are almost unlimited situations when you need to use a knife – to build an emergency shelter, to make a fire, defend yourself against wild animals or even fix broken equipment. On the other hand, ignorance may be very dangerous; not knowing how to use this tool properly can put you in serious danger. In the wilderness you might be hungry and exhausted; using sharp knife hastily can make a bad situation much worse than you can imagine.

Choosing a Perfect Blade
The most important decision that you must make before your trip is to choose a reliable knife. There are many criteria that you should look for as having the right type of blade depends on what you want to use it for. There are several types of knives, the most common is a fixed blade knife.

As the name describes, it doesn’t have any moving parts, the blade is fixed in one position without possibility of any movement. That makes fixed blade knife an ideal tool for many situations, but there are also few disadvantages.

First of all, such knife is heavy, so you will not see many backpackers with such knife on a road. The second type is locking blade or folding knife. It is a more practical blade for daily activities, but it doesn’t have the strength of a fixed blade knife, still it is a consistent tool. Pay special attention when closing a locking blade, accidents with this type of knife are very common. At last, you can choose multi tool blade that comes in combination with other tools.

Knife Sharpening

To have a sharp knife in a wilderness is essential, but it is not so simple procedure as you may think.
If you have an expensive blade, make sure you do a proper research about used materials as there are a lot of ways to sharper a blade, some ways may damage certain knives.

If you have a simple knife, a process is much simpler, all you need is water and sharpening stone. You will notice that the sharpening stone have two sides, one with rougher edges and other for fine sharpening.

Use rougher side at the beginning and fine-grained side at the end of a process to create a sharp edge. Hold a knife at 20 to 25-degree angle and do not forget to sharpen the lower part of the blade, in the fact, that is the most used part of a knife.
Knife Safety

You are almost ready for an adventure; still one important issue demands your full attention – knife safety. There are many rules that are important, but the most important rule is never to cut toward yourself, instead make strokes away from your body. Knife safety is very important, even the most skillful backpackers can make faults, so always be careful with a knife.

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