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Survival Tips – Insect Protection Avoiding Strategies

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Survival Tips – Insect Protection Avoiding Strategies

Insects like mosquitoes can be carriers of numerous dangerous viruses and rare deceases, so it is best to totally avoid them and protect you whenever possible. Most of the time in the wilderness you are in danger to encounter various insects, animals or even poisons plants that can harm you on your journey. Luckily, there are few effective chemical treatments and standard evasion strategies that will help you to seriously reduce such pesky problems.
Bugs, Annoying Bugs!
The winter, early spring, and fall are usually much cooler times of year with fewer insects all around. The best way to have an enjoyable bite free journey is to avoid bugs altogether! You should also control insect exposure by wearing an appropriate protecting outfit with sturdy sleeves so that mosquitoes won’t be able to bite you. An additional way to limit such possibility is to wear a bug defending mesh. Such mesh is a light, effective and cheap method of defense.
Ticks and Bees – Avoid the Danger

If you find a small tick on your body, you may use a pair of tweezers to grip as close as you can to the skin and pull away evenly. To avoid annoying and dangerous ticks, regularly check your body for ticks while you are on a break and keep far away from tall grass.

It is important to wash the area with alcohol after removal, but if you develop a severe fewer, you must search for an immediate medical help.

Though, if you get stung by a bee, pull up the sting as quickly as you can with your fingers and take a pain killer if necessary. It is also tremendously important to know if you are allergic to bee stings or not. If you are, you should bring an Epi-pen and be sure to know how to use it.
Mesquites, Fragrances, and Campfire
Avoid all kind of scents and perfumes when you are on your journey, the even fragrant dryer can attract insects and pests. To stay away from mosquitoes, avoid hiking in dawn and dusk as they are the most active at that time. Keeping yourself very clean will be useful as mosquitoes and other bugs may also be attracted with your sweat. Try to camp in the wide open area to avoid large bug exposure; chose a plain soil for a camp where small campfire may keep insects far away. Avoid making a camp near a lake or pond, as that is the exact place where you will find the most of the irritating bugs.
Chemical Treatments for Additional Protection

Along with escaping irritating bugs techniques, you can also use some biochemical treatments to seriously increase the level of your protection.

For example, a Deet is a resilient chemical repellent that should only be used on open skin. It is effective against mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, spiders, bees and other insects.

It is reliable repellent, but it is also a very tough chemical, so try to use it as little as possible. It can damage leather, synthetic fabrics, and plastic, so try to be careful not to get it on your equipment. Combine it with Permethrin and you will be safe for eight hours even in areas that are heavily occupied with mosquitoes and other bugs

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