Credits Online. Get your credit online in 5 minutes!

In MoneyHook we invite you to enter our comparator and take advantage of all the advantages offered by our online credits. It doesn’t matter if you are a worker, an autonomous person, a retired person, that you have regular income, etc. We do not put any obstacles when you can take advantage of the benefits […]

Real estate borrower insurance for a cheaper loan

  An exceptional saving on your insurance borrower real estate your broker specialized in guaranteeing real estate borrower online! The real estate borrower insurance in detail! The subscription of this type of contract can be done with a specialist in loan insurance (cheap loan insurance for example). The banking institution can not oblige you to […]

The microcredit revolution is multiplied by 4 in recent years

One of the forms of financing that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years is mini-credits. This type of credit is increasingly a resource sought when we have to face an unforeseen payment, when an invoice appears that we did not have, when something is broken at home or in the car and we […]

Microcredits – Get your microcredits online instantly

In CashLend we offer you the opportunity to enjoy through our comparator the best online microcredits according to your needs, being able to discover which is the microcredit that best suits your needs. On our page you will find all the necessary information to know what you should look for when hiring microcredits instantly and […]

Comparative Real Estate Loan Insurance

Protect yourself with loan untying insurance The Cogilaw Company 2010 allows all borrowers to compare insurance companies and select the best offer to secure a mortgage Future Mutuality Group Insurance The Future Mutualité Group is a mutual group created by and for health professionals. Founded in 1851 on the initiative of the General Association of […]

Loans for freelancers

Although a few years ago there were not many options to obtain loans for freelancers, particularly the financing without collateral, currently the offer of loans for freelancers has diversified significantly. This has been made possible with the overcoming of the economic crisis, but especially thanks to the emergence of companies that offer online loans through […]

Save up to 60% with Eurofil loan insurance!

With the Cogilaw Company of September 2010, you have the right to choose the insurer who will guarantee your mortgage. This is an opportunity for you to save money on your insurance by choosing a loan insurance Filt-Euro rather than the insurance presented by the lending bank. Guarantee your mortgage with Filt-Euro loan insurance Filt-Euro […]